Buh-Bye Bat Wings!

Halloween may be right around the corner, but it is doubtful the upcoming holiday will make you any more enamored of the “bat wings” that have appeared on the underside of your upper arms. This skin sagging, which can be a bane for some types of clothing, is usually caused by age, gravity or massive weight loss. The good news is you don’t have to spend this Halloween hiding your bat wings under a costume, thanks to a surgical procedure designed to remove hanging skin and create a sleeker, more sculpted contour to the upper arm.

50 Shades of Beauty

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Say Goodbye to Thunder Thighs!

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Say Goodbye to Fitting Room Trauma

If fitting rooms are causing you fits because of unsightly cellulite, there is a solution. Cellulaze, an FDA-approved treatment for cellulite is available at Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery. Make 2016 the year you bid farewell to your embarrassing cottage cheese thighs and make fitting rooms a fun place once again.

Say “So long” to Spider and Varicose Veins

Spider and varicose veins are a common affliction for both men and women, particularly as they reach the middle years of life. Those visible veins are often a cosmetic nuisance, appearing in areas that make you feel uncomfortable wearing certain types of clothing or participating in some activities.

50 Shades of Beautiful Legs

With spring right around the corner, now is the time to start preparing for the inevitable “shorts weather” that is to come. If visible veins are keeping your legs from looking their best, treatments are now available to zap those veins away without discomfort or time away from your busy schedule. Check out how you can enjoy more beautiful legs with a laser vein removal…

Male Cosmetic Surgery: Most Popular Procedures for Men

As men are tuning into the benefits of cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery, the market for aesthetic treatments has diversified significantly. Now, surgeons are creating environments and designing procedures specifically with men in mind, from surgical options that enhance the facial and body contour, to minimally-invasive procedures that effectively turn back the clock on one’s appearance. Today, there is a wide variation in the types of cosmetic procedure men are seeking.