People get their tattoos removed for any number of reasons, whether it’s dissatisfaction with the appearance of the tattoo or changes in lifestyle that warrant removal of body art for personal or professional reasons. Our tattoo surgical removal procedure completely eliminates the body ink with little discomfort or downtime afterward.

Our Tattoo Removal Procedure

Dr. Kaweski performs tattoo removals using surgical excision. The procedure completely removes the pigment of the tattoo, making this procedure the most thorough and precise method for removing body ink today. The specific technique that Dr. Kaweski uses varies according to each patient’s specific needs and medical history, as well as the size and location of the tattoo.

In most cases, the procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis, using local anesthesia, Some procedures are performed in stages or a series of sessions, spaced approximately 3-6 months apart. Other procedures may require a tissue expander which stretches good skin in the area so it can be used to cover the tattoo site once the tattoo is removed.

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Differences Between Surgical and Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal causes the image to lighten and fade so that the tattoo is less visible rather than removing it completely. With a laser, different energy wavelengths are applied to the site, which heats up the ink and dissolves it. Dark colors are typically harder to fade, and you may need multiple treatment sessions. In addition, the laser treatment may alter the pigmentation of darker skin.

The results of laser tattoo removal can vary depending on the size, location, and coloring of the tattoo. Newer tattoos and those with more vibrant coloring can be harder to treat, and they may not fade as much as older or lighter tattoos.

Surgical tattoo removal completely eliminates the tattoo by carefully cutting away the tattooed skin. The remaining skin may be stitched back together, or tissue stretching may be used to cover the area and minimize the appearance of scarring. Surgical treatment physically removes the ink-stained skin rather than fading the pigment like laser treatment and is a permanent solution for eliminating body art without leaving a “ghost print.”

In some cases, Dr. Kaweski will perform a serial excision. This type of excision is used when the tattoo is too large to be removed in one session. She will then go back after the scar is healed and remove more of the tattoo that was left behind during the first session.

Why Choose Dr. Kaweski?

Finding a plastic surgeon who offers surgical tattoo removal is rare, but Dr. Susan Kaweski is one of the few who perform this procedure in the San Diego area. She will work closely with you to determine the appropriate treatment plan to meet your goals and completely eliminate your body ink with minimal scarring.

What about results?

The results of our tattoo removal process can be very good, exchanging the body ink for a small, inconspicuous scar in many circumstances. Results are also permanent meaning no other procedures will be needed to eliminate the tattoo in the future. However, some patients do require more than one treatment session at the beginning of the process to remove the tattoo in its entirety.

Tattoo removal is one of many cosmetic procedures offered by Dr. Kaweski at Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery in the San Diego area. To learn more about this procedure, or other treatments offered by Dr. Kaweski, contact our staff today at (619) 464-9876. We are available for virtual consultations.