Facials are an effective way to rejuvenate and treat a wide range of skin types and concerns. These cosmetic procedures provide deep cleansing of the skin and proper hydration to achieve a healthy glow. Facials can be customized to a patient’s unique needs and desired outcome, and at Aesthetic Arts Institute, we are committed to ensuring the best possible results for each individual.

About the Procedure

A facial is performed at Aesthetic Arts Institute in the La Mesa and San Diego area by our experienced and highly trained aesthetician. We offer a wide range of treatment options, including:

Customized Deep Cleansing Facial

This facial is designed to deep clean the skin while providing the hydration and balance your skin needs to look its best. The formula can be customized to a patient’s unique skin type and concerns, making it an excellent choice for any skin type and tone.

Acne Facial

La Mesa  and San Diego patients of any age suffering from acne breakouts may benefit from a facial specifically designed to target lesions and blackheads. The facial uses high frequency to kill bacteria, while ingredients work under the skin’s surface to provide balance to oil levels that protect the skin from blemishes without harmful drying.

What about Results?

Results of a facial can usually be seen and felt right away and results continue to improve over time. Patients can extend the results of their facial by using skin care products at home recommended by our staff and designed to work with the facial formulas. Facials are not a permanent cosmetic procedure, which means treatment must be repeated to maintain results. However, most patients enjoy the pampering experience of a facial and look forward to their visits to our medical spa.

A facial is a non-invasive way to rejuvenate the skin and regain your healthy, youthful glow. To learn more about facial treatments available at Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery in the La Mesa and San Diego area, contact a member of our staff today at (619) 464-9876.