Reduction Mastopexy and Abdominoplasty, 36 years old, 1 year post op

Patient 5a Tummy Tuck Before and After

Augmentation Mastopexy with silicone implants and abdominoplasty, 52 years old, 1 year post op

59 year old female who is status post Bilateral breast lift. She is 8 months post-op. She is a breast cancer survivor that had multiple breast reconstruction surgeries prior to coming to us to request a breast lift.

Get a Breast Lift and Say Bye to Sagginess!

Whether due to time or gravity, many women find that their breasts lose their perky appearance. If you have noticed your breasts getting droopy or saggy, we invite you to learn more about getting a breast lift. This is a proven surgical solution that will restore your breasts to a youthful shape. Find out more about breast lift surgery today.

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