Will a Facelift Get Rid of the Wrinkles in My Eyes?

Wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes are among the most common aesthetic concerns that lead people to seek cosmetic treatment. While there are many beauty products that claim to get rid of these age-related changes, few of them truly work. It often requires professional cosmetic treatment to resolve wrinkles in the eye area. ...
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What’s the Ideal Age for Rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty procedure can positively impact the size, shape, and projection of your nose. This procedure can help correct concerns with the function or look of your nose. You may be wondering when the right age to receive a rhinoplasty is. It can be helpful to understand more about the procedure and what makes someone an ideal candidate for it. ...
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How Can a Rhinoplasty Reduce the Size of My Nose?

The nose is the main focus and center of your face. If the size and projection of your nose are large or pronounced compared to your other features, it can throw off your facial balance. A rhinoplasty procedure can alter the size of the nose by reducing certain aspects of the nose or adjusting its overall size. ...
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Can You Completely Remove a Tattoo?

Tattoos are often a sign of self-expression and are meant to be permanent. Ink is injected below the top layer of skin so that it stays in place, and advances in technology have made colors more fade-resistant....
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Choosing the Right Type of Bra After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Getting implants will alter your breasts’ size resulting in a bra size change, as well. For many women, this is far from unwelcome news; the chance to go shopping for new bras can be enticing, and you may even decide to celebrate your new curves by getting your very first professional bra fitting.

What Parts of the Face Does a Facelift Correct?

If you live in San Diego and you know that you’re unhappy with the aging appearance of your face, you may have found Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery because you’re trying to determine if a facelift will address your concerns. If that describes you, then welcome! We often meet with several individuals just like you who know they have problem areas they’d like to......
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How Much Younger Will I Look After a Facelift?

It’s one of the most common questions that San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Kaweski receives when meeting with facelift candidates: how much younger will I look after surgery? While Dr. Kaweski strives to provide her potential patients with as much information as possible, she’s always cautious when answering this question. The reason is that every facelift patient is different, every facelift surgery is unique, and......
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