What is a Facelift?

A facelift is a popular plastic surgery that Dr. Kaweski performs at the Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery for San Diego men and women that helps rejuvenate the face to make you look younger and like the ideal version of you.

The procedure addresses a number of signs of aging on the face, including:

Lines and wrinkles in the face and neck.

Loose or excess skin.

A loss of volume in facial features.

Sagging jowls.


Facelift Before/After Photos

Before entrusting the Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery with a procedure as important as a facelift, it helps to see examples of previous patients. These before and after photos showcase our work and serve as an example of how we can help other you achieve your goals.

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What Are the Benefits of a Facelift?

Getting a facelift provides you with a number of benefits. Some of these benefits include:

Tightening the neck and eliminating multiple chins by lifting sagging skin and fat.

Eliminating jowls to redefine the jawline and improve the profile.

Reducing sagging skin in the cheeks and under the eyes.

Smoothing out deep creases and wrinkles in the skin that lead to a haggard appearance.

The greatest benefit of having facial rejuvenation performed by San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Kaweski is that you can turn back the hands of time. Signs of aging are significantly reduced for patients having this surgery performed, with Dr. Kaweski typically able to deliver results that make patients look as much as 10 years younger than they actually are.* 

Additionally, many San Diego men and women who opt for this surgery report they have increased self-confidence after the procedure, especially if they were showing signs of aging at an early age. They report that the surgery gives them a new lease on life, as they now look as young as they feel inside.

Who Is a Candidate for a Facelift?

Dr. Kaweski carefully screens her San Diego consults to ensure it’s safe for them to have this elective plastic surgery. She will take your full medical history and perform an examination. Key criteria patients must meet to be eligible for surgery include:

Being in good general health.

Being able to pass a pre-operative appointment with your primary care physician.

Being non-smokers, or promising to quit any nicotine usage at least 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your surgery to reduce potential complications.

Being in good psychological health and having realistic expectations for your surgery.

If taking certain medications such as blood thinners, be cleared by your prescribing physician to temporarily stop taking the medication to reduce the risk of excessive bleeding during surgery.

What Is the Cost of a Facelift?

In 2018, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that the average cost for this elective plastic surgery in the US is $7,655. However, your specific surgical price will vary depending on:

  • Physician expertise, such as choosing Dr. Kaweski for her combined experience in both plastic surgery and craniofacial surgery and commitment to deliver the best possible surgical results.
  • Whether or not your surgical plan includes using standard techniques or less invasive vertical techniques, which is most typically prescribed for San Diego patients who are younger and have less facial sagging.
  • Whether or not you decide to add a neck lift to your surgical plan.
  • Whether or not you need a higher level of aftercare, such as an overnight stay in the hospital for additional observation.

Our Facelift Process

Because your appearance is unique to you, a facelift is a highly personalized procedure. During your consultation, be ready to discuss specific aspects of your appearance that you are unhappy with, whether that is sagging skin, jowls or wrinkles. Dr. Kaweski wants to hear your concerns and goals so she can tailor treatment to your exact needs.

A facelift addresses concerns within the lower two-thirds of your face. So if you are dissatisfied with the area around your eyes, your forehead, or loose skin on your neck, it may be beneficial to combine your facelift with other procedures such as a neck lift, brow lift, or eyelid lift. Dr. Kaweski can let you know if additional procedures are appropriate to help you reach your aesthetic goals and feel like a younger version of yourself.

Our Facelift Procedure

General anesthesia is required to make your facelift as comfortable and painless as possible. Incisions will be made along your temple and down to your ears close to the hairline so that any scarring blends in. Dr. Kaweski will strategically reposition the underlining tissue to create a more defined facial contour and help maintain your facelift results for years to come. Excess skin will be removed, and the remaining skin gently tightened, resulting in a more youthful appearance with fewer wrinkles and creases. Any additional procedures will be performed at the same time.

Recovery following a facelift typically takes about one to two weeks. During this time, swelling and bruising will lessen, and any soreness or discomfort will decrease. Many patients feel comfortable going out in public or back to work after about a week, but it can take six to eight weeks to fully heal from your facelift.

Facelift FAQs

How Long Does a Facelift Last?

The results of a facelift are permanent. That being said, the natural aging process continues to occur, so you may find that your skin starts sagging or drooping again over time. Some people do choose to have a facelift repeated in the future.

Will I Have Scars After a Facelift?

Yes, it’s inevitable that patients will have scars. However, Dr. Kaweski is very careful where she makes incisions. She only cuts along the hairline and the face’s natural creases. This minimizes the appearance of scars, and in most cases, they are nearly invisible unless a person is looking for them.

How much younger will the procedure make me look?

Many patients find they look as much as 10 years younger after having facial plastic surgery.*

Will the surgery also address folds in my neck?

Resculpting the neck – including addressing neck folds – is performed during a neck lift surgery. You can add this surgery to your overall treatment plan so you can achieve all your desired results after just one surgery day.

Where will my surgery be performed?

Dr. Kaweski performs plastic surgery on an outpatient basis while patients are under general anesthesia at the La Mesa Surgery Center.

Will I need to stay overnight in the hospital?

The vast majority of patients are able to return home a few hours after their surgery. In rare cases, such as when a patient has difficulty coming out from under the effects of general anesthesia, Dr. Kaweski may, under an abundance of caution, recommend an overnight hospital stay for additional monitoring by medical personnel.

Excellence in Facelifts in the San Diego Area

Dr. Kaweski understands the nuances of male and female facial features, enabling her to create subtle changes that enhance youthfulness while maintaining overall aesthetic balance. With more than 30 years of experience performing facelifts, she is skilled in helping you achieve your goals and a look that you love.

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