Chin surgery involves both chin augmentation and chin reduction, depending on the needs of the specific patient. While focus is often on facial features like the nose or cheeks when considering plastic surgery, the profile of the chin is essential for creating balance of the features and a strong facial profile. By adjusting the size and shape of the chin, the rest of the face can also be brought into more attractive proportion.

Who is it For?

Chin surgery may be performed on San Diego men and women who want to alter their lower facial profile. Patients should be in good health and have realistic expectations about the outcome of their procedure. Common concerns addressed by chin surgery include:

  • Weak chin (chin that is recessed)
  • Protruding chin (chin that juts out from jawline)
  • Chin that has lost volume through aging process
  • Chin that requires definition to balance other facial features

Although chin surgery may be performed alone, it is often recommended in combination with rhinoplasty (nose surgery) to ensure a balanced facial profile.

About the Procedure

Dr. Kaweski performs chin surgery procedures on an outpatient basis at Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery. San Diego patients may be given sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s preference and the specific procedure to be performed. Incisions are typically made inside the mouth or under the chin, where scarring will be minimal or completely invisible.

With chin augmentation, an implant is usually placed inside the tissue along the jawline. The implant is crafted of synthetic material that feels very similar to the tissue inside the chin. Chin bone may also be cut to move the chin forward or back, depending on the goal of the surgery. Chin surgery may take anywhere from 1-3 hours to complete, depending on the specific work to be done.

After the Procedure

Patients are allowed to return home the same day as chin surgery. Discomfort after the procedure is managed effectively with oral pain medication. A compression garment is also used to minimize swelling and bruising around the area. Most patients return to work and normal activities within a few days, while strenuous activities are restricted for up to one month.

What about Results?

Results of chin surgery are evident right away, but become more obvious once compression garments are removed and swelling and bruising subside. Chin surgery is considered a permanent way to alter the profile of the chin, so follow-up treatments should not be needed to maintain results.

Dr. Kaweski performs various types of chin surgery at Aesthetic Arts Insititute of Plastic Surgery in the San Diego area. To learn more about these procedures, or other cosmetic options offered by Dr. Kaweski, contact her office at (619) 464-9876 today.