Cheek surgery is used to change the contour of the cheekbones, either by adding volume to the area via implants or reducing cheekbones to balance the facial profile. The procedure may be used to help patients regain a youthful profile by rounding out and lifting the cheeks and creating definition for the face. It can also be used to reduce the protrusion of cheekbones that tend to overshadow other facial features.

Who is it For?

Both men and women in reasonably good health in the San Diego area may benefit from cheek enhancement surgery. This procedure may be used to address the following aesthetic concerns:

  • Small cheekbones that lack definition
  • Lost volume in cheekbones through the aging process
  • Asymmetry to cheekbones (one is larger than the other)
  • Protruding cheekbones that do not balance other facial features

Cheek surgery may be performed alone, but it is often combined with other procedures to ensure an attractive balance to facial features. Procedures done with cheek surgery may include chin augmentation, mid-face lift or rhinoplasty.

About the Procedure

Cheek surgery is one of the cosmetic options available through Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Kaweski performs the procedure on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. Depending on the specific technique to be used, incisions may be placed inside the mouth, below the lower lash line or above the ear in the hairline.

For cheek augmentation, Dr. Kaweski chooses implants that fit with the size and overall contour of the patient’s face. Cheek reduction removes portions of the cheekbone for a more balanced appearance without losing the sculpting of the cheekbone. Cheek surgery usually takes about one hour to complete, depending on the specific procedure done.

After the Procedure

Any discomfort after cheek surgery can be effectively managed with oral pain medication. It is normal to have some bruising and swelling around the treated site, which subsides within 2-3 weeks. Ice packs and dressings will help to keep swelling and bruising to a minimum.  While San Diego patients typically return to work and regular activities within one week, strenuous exercise is prohibited for up to four weeks to ensure complete healing of the area.

What about Results?

The results of cheek surgery can be seen right away, but full results will not be evident until bruising and swelling subside completely. Cheek surgery is considered a permanent way to alter the contour of the cheeks and should only need to be performed once during the patient’s lifetime. However, other cosmetic procedures may be recommended in time to help the patient preserve a more youthful appearance.

Dr. Kaweski is experienced in performing a variety of cheek enhancement procedures. To learn more about this surgery, or other options in cosmetic treatments available through Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery in the San Diego area, call our office today at (619) 464-9876.