Over the last few decades, men and women are more concerned than ever about having a shapely and well-formed buttocks. But for some of our patients, exercising the gluteal muscles and a healthy diet aren’t enough to get the sensual and curvaceous posterior that they want. In these cases, one of the best options is a surgical procedure called a butt lift. San Diego patients can get gorgeous, sexy, and natural-looking results from the procedure while also trimming down their waistline. Dr. Kaweski is one of the leading plastic surgeons in the region and is known as Dr. Mommy Makeover® for the fabulous results she delivers to our patients. Just take a look at our photo gallery to see Dr. Kaweski’s impeccable work  yourself. Then make sure you give us a call to get started at (619) 464-9876.

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How to Get Started with Dr. Kaweski

When you call us, you’ll get to talk with one of our highly-trained and welcoming staff. We absolutely love getting calls from potential patients and talking with you about your questions and your concerns. From there, the next step is to get you into our offices for your preliminary consultation. We’ll talk with you about a convenient time to come in and meet with Dr. Kaweski in person.

During this consultation, you’ll get to talk with her about your medical history and your goals for your butt lift. San Diego men and women will also get an examination by Dr. Kaweski as she begins to formulate your customized treatment plan. For our patients who are good candidates for a butt lift, we’ll then schedule your procedure at one of the many hospitals or outpatient surgical centers where Dr. Kaweski holds appointments.

What is a Butt Lift?

San Diego patients that are curious about getting a perkier rear end often ask us what their options are for the butt lift procedure. While there are several different options, the end goal is the same: to lift the buttocks so that it is more youthful, tighter, and more prominent. Some of the surgical options include a Brazilian butt lift, the traditional butt lift, and also butt implants.

The Brazilian Butt Lift

San Diego men and women that want to get a more rounded and shapely buttocks have several options. During your consultations with Dr. Kaweski, you’ll spend a lot of time talking about which option is best for you and the pros and cons of each one. However, the most popular method is called the Brazilian butt lift.

How the Brazilian Butt Lift Works

The main idea with the Brazilian butt lift is to use your own body fat to plump up and shape your buttocks. During the procedure, Dr. Kaweski uses liposuction to remove unwanted fat from your tummy and thighs. The fat is then purified and processed. From there, Dr. Kaweski re-injects the fat into strategic areas of the buttocks to improve its shape.

There are several advantages to the Brazilian butt lift. First, because the procedure uses your own fat, there is very little risk of your body rejecting the injected fat. Second, not only does this improve the appearance of your buttocks, but it also slims other areas of your body like your abdomen and thighs. Third, the results from your Brazilian butt lift are often permanent. The injected fat will attach to blood vessels for nourishment and will become part of your body. If you gain weight, your injected fat cells will also gain weight.

A traditional butt is needed for sagging inelastic skin.  It requires an incision and movement of skin and fat to contour the butt with use of the patient’s own padding which has sagged.

Butt implants can be placed under the padding of the butt.  The danger exists that these can become infected and have to be removed.  There are few indications for placement of these implants.

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Why Work with Dr. Kaweski

Our patients absolutely love working with Dr. Kaweski for their butt lift. San Diego patients rave about how personal, kind, and gentle she is at all of their consultations. Dr. Kaweski has worked from day one to establish a surgical practice that is based on real, honest conversations with our patients and not on selling products. On top of that, Dr. Kaweski is dedicated to patient safety and comfort. As a woman, Dr. Kaweski also understands the aesthetics of the female body on a personal level.

If you want to work with one of the most sought after surgeons on the West Coast, then make sure you our San Diego office today at (619) 464-9876.