breastaug1Many patients get breast augmentation to feel good about themselves and change the way their breasts look. You may be one of these women who desire fuller, perkier breasts. If you are, you are not alone! As one of the most performed cosmetic surgeries, breast implants are a way for women to boost their confidence and also help with body image and insecurities. Nowadays, breast augmentation is a very common, popular procedure that patients choose to help feel good on the inside and look good on the outside.

In San Diego, if you are considering a breast augmentation, we can help you at Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery. We offer this procedure and have trained professionals such as Dr. Susan Kaweski, who can help guide you with all your breast augmentation needs. If you are thinking about this procedure, you’ve probably already thought about size. However, shape is an equally important aspect to factor in. One of the more sought-after looks for breast implants are the coveted teardrop shapes. Possibly you are curious and wondering if you can get this type of breast shape with your breast augmentation in San Diego. At Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery, we can work with you to make sure the teardrop shape happens for you too. But first, it’s important to educate yourself on what a teardrop shape is for breast implants.

What is the “Teardrop” Look for Breast Implants?

This means that after surgery, your breasts will be shaped much like a teardrop with a fuller bottom and a narrower top shape. These implants are designed to maintain this shape and are very popular among women who seek breast augmentation in San Diego. These shapes are also often referred to as ovals with a wider base and a taller height than round implants. Teardrop-shaped implants are a great choice for any women who want more control in their implant shape. Also, teardrop shapes are more fitting for some women according to their body type. The shape also results in firmer breast implants. Typically, teardrop shapes look more natural and subtle and provide the desired aesthetic for most San Diego residents.

How Are Teardrop Shapes Different from Round Shapes?

Teardrop shapes differ from round breast implants in various ways. Firstly, the shape itself is obviously different. Round implants are more even in shape and more circular rather than oval. They are the traditional breast implant design and look very plump and round.

Choosing round-shaped implants can result in nicely proportioned breasts. However, some argue that they do not look as natural as teardrop shapes. Also, with teardrop implants, you have greater control with being able to add and fill in certain areas of your breasts. They vary in a couple of different ways, but ultimately both provide the boost and perkiness that most San Diego patients seek in a breast augmentation. If you want a more natural-look, teardrop breast implants may be the best solution for you. While if you want to stick to the traditional route, you may opt for round implants.

If you’re thinking about a teardrop shape for breast augmentation, the best way to achieve this is to talk to your plastic surgeon about it. Deciding the shape of your breast is an important part of this process, and it shouldn’t be rushed. Talk to Dr. Susan Kaweski today at Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery at (619) 464-9876. She can set you up with a personal consultation to further discuss how to get those full, shapely teardrop breasts.