Woman in White Body Suit Showing Enlarged BreastsMost women feel genuinely excited on the eve of their breast augmentation surgery. They cannot wait to get natural-looking curves to accentuate their figure. For some of our patients, breast augmentation surgery is the culmination of a long-time dream.

Because of these high expectations, the immediate aftermath can be a letdown. Following your surgery, you will need to allocate a few days to rest, and it may be a full month or more before you are cleared to resume all of your normal activities.

Also, your body will have some bruising and swelling following the procedure. While these symptoms subside, it means that it may be a couple of weeks before you can truly see the amazing results you were so excited about.

Our #1 piece of advice to patients is to hang in there, be patient, and give it some time. You will be amazed and delighted by your results. Additionally, there are a few other steps we recommend to help you expedite your recovery and achieve the best possible results.

What to Do Following Breast Augmentation

To begin with, here is a list of post-procedure “dos.”

DO give yourself plenty of time to rest.

After any major surgery, your body will need ample time to rest and recover. We generally advise breast augmentation patients to take at least a week off from work or from school and to devote that time to let their body heal. Be sure to move around the day after the surgery and on to avoid blood clots in the legs. By the end of that week, you will probably be feeling more and more like normal.

DO find the right sleep position.

Whether you are resting in bed or on the sofa, it is important to position your body in the right way. For breast augmentation patients, that means lying on your back or in a recliner. Feel free to experiment with pillows to help elevate your body if that is more comfortable for you.

DO eat healthy foods.

In addition to getting plenty of rest, you will want to ensure your body has the proper nutrients to expedite healing. Try to minimize junk food and empty calories; instead, focus on fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, lean proteins, and whole grains.

DO take pain medications as prescribed.

You can anticipate some soreness following your breast augmentation. Most patients say that the worst of it is over within a day or two and that they are more or less pain-free within 10 to 14 days. Take prescription painkillers as needed and only as prescribed. Also, ask your surgeon which over-the-counter pain medications you may take.

DO treat your implants with care.

It is important not to do anything to jostle or compromise your implants when they are still so new. So, avoid wearing underwire bras; instead, make sure you wear either a support bra or sports bra at all times, removing it only to shower.

DO be gentle with yourself.

Remember that it will take some time to see full results and that the immediate aftermath of breast augmentation tends to be an emotional roller-coaster. Try to be patient with yourself and with the process. Surround yourself with people who will encourage and support you.

DO ask for help.

We always tell patients that they need a friend, sister, spouse, or mom who can stay with them for the first 48 hours at a minimum, but really, it would be great to have someone there for a week. Do not hesitate to solicit help for chores around the house, including meal prep. Remember, the most important thing you can do is rest.

DO contact your surgeon if you have any problems.

If you have any concerns about the progress of your recovery or believe you are experiencing an infection or other unwanted side effects, do not hesitate to reach out to your surgeon ASAP.

What NOT to Do Following Breast Augmentation

Now, consider just a few of the things you should avoid as you recover from breast implant surgery.

DON’T sleep on your stomach.

Remember what we said about choosing the right sleeping position. Laying on your stomach puts undue stress on your new implants. Not only can it cause some discomfort, but it may also slow your healing.

DON’T do any heavy lifting.

For the first week after your breast augmentation, you will want to avoid any kind of heavy lifting, including the lifting of your children. This is one reason why it is so crucial to have a helper, particularly if you have little ones in your home.

DON’T submerge in water.

Patients may shower or bathe as it is important to keep your incisions clean. Avoid swimming in pools, lakes, and oceans. These bodies of water contain contaminants that may result in infection. Your surgeon will let you know when you are clear to get in the water again.

DON’T smoke or use tobacco products.

Not only are tobacco products bad for your cardiovascular health, but they can also slow down your body’s natural healing process. At a bare minimum, abstain from tobacco products for a full month post-surgery. (Of course, we also recommend giving up tobacco products for at least two months before your breast augmentation.)

DON’T make radical changes to your wardrobe.

Many patients are excited to toss all their old bras and tops and to buy new clothing to fit their new figure. Just remember that, due to swelling, it may be a few weeks before you have a clear sense of your new curves. We would recommend postponing any big wardrobe changes until the swelling subsides.

Find Out More About the Breast Augmentation Journey

No matter where you are in your breast augmentation journey, we would love to be of help to you in any way that we can. To find out more about the surgery or the recovery process, reach out to our San Diego plastic surgery practice at your next opportunity.