If you’re a San Diego resident looking at turning to Smart Lipo to rid your body of stubborn, unwanted fat deposits that just won’t go away with diet and exercise, then it’s safe to say that you want that fat gone for good! But, will the results of Smart Lipo last permanently? Or will that stubborn fat come back if you gain weight or as you age? Read this blog post from San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Kaweski to learn about Smart Lipo and how long its results last.

How Long Will My Smart Lipo Results Last?

Here’s some great news for San Diego residents! Generally speaking, Smart Lipo results will be permanent. The way that the Smart Lipo laser contours your body will remain, regardless of weight gain or weight loss in the future, and of the natural aging process.

What Will Happen if I Gain Weight?

To maintain the best possible aesthetic results, Smart Lipo patients are advised to maintain their post-operative weight. But plastic surgeons like San Diego’s Dr. Kaweski know that isn’t always possible. If you do gain weight after your Smart Lipo procedure, don’t fret. As long as you gain less than 10lbs, you probably won’t notice any big difference in your body, especially not the area that was contoured with the Smart Lipo laser.

If you gain more than 10lbs after a Smart Lipo procedure, you still are unlikely to regain that weight in the area that you had Smart Lipo on. For example, if you had Smart Lipo on your abdomen and gain 10lbs or more, you are more likely to gain that new weight in your thighs, breasts and face than you are in your abdomen.

Will The Fat That is Removed by Smart Lipo Ever Grow Back?

Many San Diego residents want to know if that fat that is removed by Smart Lipo will ever grow back. The answer is no! Once that fat is removed, it will not grow back. However, if you have remaining fat in your treatment area, such as your abdomen, it is possible that those fat cells will enlarge if you gain weight. So while it’s possible to gain weight in the area that received Smart Lipo, you will still maintain a better-contoured physique in that area than what you had pre-op.

Will Future Pregnancies Affect My Smart Lipo Results?

Many San Diego women are concerned that a future pregnancy may eliminate the results of their Smart Lipo procedure. This is no cause for concern. As long as you lose the weight, or at least most of the weight, that you gain during pregnancy, your body will return to its post Smart Lipo contour, however you may experience normal side effects of pregnancy such as sagging skin or stretch marks, and need additional plastic surgery procedures to regain the body you desire.

How Can I Get My Other Smart Lipo Questions Answered?

If you’re considering getting Smart Lipo in San Diego, and still have questions, then we recommend that you call Dr. Kaweski at Aesthetic Art Institute of Plastic Surgery at (619) 464-9876. Dr. Kaweski will examine your problem areas and answer all your questions about Smart Lipo and the longevity of its results.