Mommy Makeover San DiegoIt’s no secret that pregnancy changes a San Diego woman’s body. As her baby grows inside her, her breasts and belly swell. And sometimes, the extra calories that a pregnant woman needs to consume to healthily grow a baby cause her to store fat in areas she never used to before. After childbirth, her body is left with excess skin in the abdomen, and even after breastfeeding has ceased or engorgement has concluded, many moms find their breasts are sagging, and they are left with unwanted skin, too. That’s not even mentioning the fact that the excess fat some pregnant women store up during their pregnancies seems to be nearly impossible to lose.

After baby comes, many moms find themselves fully focused on their children and families, with little time to devote to themselves. They may eat on the run, not have time to exercise and get little sleep as they try to be everything to those who mean so much to them. So, it’s no surprise that so many postpartum women are unhappy with their bodies after they’ve had a baby.

San Diego’s Dr. Mommy Makeover® Can Help

If you’re like one of the many San Diego women who seek out Dr. Kaweski of Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery – who’s been nicknamed Dr. Mommy Makeover because of the help she’s provided to so many mothers – then you’re not alone. As a woman herself, Dr. Kaweski understands just how difficult it can be to regain your pre-pregnancy shape while you’re busy with your newfound responsibilities as a mom. And as a plastic surgeon, she knows that some things – such as a bulge in the abdomen that just won’t go away despite diet and exercise, known as diastasis recti or separated abdominal muscles – are best treated surgically.

What Exactly Is a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover is a combination of plastic surgeries designed to rejuvenate a San Diego mother’s body to its pre-pregnancy state after she is certain she’s done having children. There’s nothing about these surgeries that make future pregnancies complicated or impossible, but having a child after a Mommy Makeover can negate your surgical results.

Typically, a Mommy Makeover patient chooses to have the following procedures performed in the same surgical session:

  • A tummy tuck, which serves the purpose of both removing excess and sagging abdominal skin and, if present, repairing separated abdominal muscles
  • A breast lift to restore the breasts to their pre-pregnancy position
  • Breast augmentation to add back the volume that is typically lost after breastfeeding
  • Liposuction to remove stubborn fatty deposits gained during pregnancy that just won’t respond to diet and exercise

Your Mommy Makeover Experience with Dr. Kaweski

Women who choose San Diego’s Mommy Makeover surgeon, Dr. Kaweski, for their surgery, are always treated with an amazing standard of care. She understands it can be hard for some moms to discuss their problem areas, which is why she works so hard to establish a good rapport with surgical candidates from the get-go to ease their comfort levels. She also carefully screens each candidate’s medical history to ensure they are healthy enough for elective plastic surgery and listens to their desired results to create a personalized treatment plan for them.

Visit Dr. Mommy Makeover for a Consultation

If you’re a mom who is ready to correct the physical changes that were brought on by pregnancy, then it’s time to call Dr. Mommy Makeover.

You can schedule an initial consultation with her by calling (619) 464-9876.