Handwritten Review 7

Dear Dr. Kaweski,

Thanks for being there for me throughout all my surgeries and doctor appointments. You work hard and hope for the best for me. You are the greatest plastic surgeon I have met since the day I was born. You are a miracle worker, doing your best in reconstructing my face and head to make sure it looks its very best. I couldn’t have made it this far without your supporting help.

I was born with a genetic disability called Crozouns Syndrome, which I’m sure you’re familiar with. My Crouzouns Syndrome was the reason I needed surgeries. Based on what I’ve found out on Wikipedia, if I didn’t have these surgeries, I would be mentally disabled and blind, which you may also be familiar with as well.

When, as a baby, I had my first surgery I might have not remembered you but you definitely saved me from getting mentally disabled and blind. Also, I’ve had doctor appointments with you, mostly about upcoming surgeries. You’ve always been happy to see me. I could understand this because I was the most wonderful person who came into your life even if you didn’t know I was coming.

I can still remember the surgery (maybe not the operation process) where I had cheek implants, and my face was swollen from the reconstruction. It took me a while to recover but it was worth it, thanks to you. Because of you, I have gone through 20 surgeries that resulted into the most wonderful face that was like a work of art. Now I’m a graduating senior who doesn’t have to worry about any more surgeries. But don’t worry; At least I’ll see you for the next appointment 🙂

Thanks so much for all those surgeries. You are the greatest, and I hope the best for you, no matter what.




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