SIlagen®: Scar Refinement System in La Mesa and San Diego

The Truth About Scars

It’s natural to be concerned about the appearance of unsightly scars. Recently, scars were named as one of the top five concerns that people had when considering cosmetic surgery. All surgeries will create scars, but you have options to ensure that your scar will be barely noticeable. Dr. Kaweski will strive to create the best scar result possible by strategically placing your incisions and using special suturing techniques. She may also recommend using the Silagen® line of silicone products to refine your scar’s appearance as it heals.

Scar Therapy

Clinical studies show a greater and faster improvement in scar maturation in patients who use silicone over patients who do not. Early intervention is the best way to help prevent excessive scarring. For patients who have older surgical scars, silicones have been used for more than 30 years to reduce the appearance of hypertrophic scars and keloids. It has been proven to flatten, soften, and reduce the redness associated with excessive scaring.

4 Tips for Achieving the Best Scar Results

  1. Avoid the Sun: Sun exposure on new scars can cause permanent hyperpigmentation, or darkening, of the scar.
  1. Follow Your Doctor’s Orders: Kaweski will create a post-op incision care plan that will help prevent infection and inflammation.
  1. Use Silagen: Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of silicone gel and sheets in the prevention and treatment of scars, and they are recommended by scar experts as the preferred first-step treatment to get the best results.
  1. Be Consistent and Persistent: Silicone works by forming a layer over the skin. It has to be on the skin to do its job. Silagen should be used as directed everyday for the full recommended length of treatment.

How is Silagen Different?

Silagen silicone gel and sheeting are made with the highest quality medical grad silicones. The silky feel of Silagen gels will not leave a wet, sticky mess on your skin like other gels do. The 1mm thick sheets, strips and shapes feature an advanced adhesion technology, allowing them to conform well to the body and still be durable enough to last for up to four weeks.

How Does Silagen Work?

Silagen gels and sheets create a protective barrier over the scar, which increases hydration and helps stop excessive collagen build up. This will help flatten and soften your scar, and reduce redness, itching, and pain. The sunscreen in Silagen Silicone Gel +SPF30 helps to protect your scar from hyperpigmentation, and often permanent darkening of the scar caused by sun exposure.

How Soon After Surgery Can I Begin Using Silagen?

You may begin using Silagen as soon as the skin is fully closed, after any sutures have been removed. Silagen should not be used on an open wound. Many patients will begin to see results in as little as three weeks. The best result are seen after Silagen is used for 90 days.

If worrying about what a scar will look like after your surgery is keeping you from booking a surgery, we invite you to learn more about Silagen scar refinement after surgery by calling our knowledgeable staff at (619) 464-9876. We look forward to speaking with you!