You’ve known for some time that you want to improve your appearance. Perhaps a Mommy Makeover. Look and feel years younger. Feel like a million bucks! So what now? Well, it’s essential for you to have confidence in your San Diego plastic surgeon. Confidence that comes from knowing your surgeon has the education and expertise you can trust. A surgeon whose natural, exquisite results are matched only by his or her concern for your comfort and well-being. A surgeon who constantly seeks the best of new technologies and procedures. That surgeon is Susan Kaweski, MD, FACS. With more than 15 years of experience, Dr. Kaweski specializes in providing natural-looking results with personalized care. Her training in craniofacial plastic surgery enables her to do more complex facial surgery procedures and deliver better results. In fact, many of the area’s doctors speak highly of Dr. Kaweski and her staff at Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery. Our great reputation means that we’ve successfully enhanced or improved the appearance of thousands of San Diego-area residents, and we can do the same for you. The word “plastic” comes from the Greek “plastikos,” which means to mold or give form. Plastic surgery is the ultimate balance of science and art. That’s why the surgeon you entrust with your body and your vision must translate your hopes into the beautiful results you desire. Dr. Susan Kaweski assembles a truly comprehensive package of elements that determine your own ultimate vision: form, shape, function and balance to help you achieve your dreams of natural beauty and self-confidence.