3 Reasons to Check out La Mesa Farmer’s Market

Looking for a healthy way to enjoy the sights and sounds of San Diego to the fullest? Check out the La Mesa Farmer’s Market, a long-standing Friday afternoon tradition for residents and visitors alike. This unique Farmer’s Market has been bringing a variety of fresh foods to San Diego residents for more than 20 years. The market features a wide range of homegrown, homemade and handcrafted items to tantalize every taste bud and entertain visitors of all ages.

Is Caffeine Helping or Hurting Your Health?

Many people relish that first sip of hot coffee in the morning, but is your daily dose of java a positive or negative for your overall health? There has been plenty of research on the subject, as consumers want to know if caffeine is beneficial or detrimental. While the research has mostly shown that caffeine intake is harmless and may even provide some benefits, there are times when it may pay to cut back on your coffee drinking as well.