lipolady2Smart Lipo has become more and more popular over the years. As plastic surgery has advanced in technology and procedures, Smart Lipo has become a preferred choice for many patients who seek out fat loss. At Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery, we offer Smart Lipo as a method for removing unwanted fat deposits. Most San Diego residents who receive this procedure do so because they want to appear thinner and slimmer in their physique. Smart Lipo, similar to liposuction, will result in a more sculpted body. However, patients still wonder if Smart Lipo will actually help you lose weight. Can the procedure help with weight loss issues?

How Smart Lipo Works

Firstly, it’s important to identify exactly how the procedure works. If you’re considering Smart Lipo in San Diego, it’s best that you know how it works and how it’s different from traditional liposuction. Smart Lipo uses a laser-assisted technology to remove fat from your body. The process results in liquefying the fat deposits in your body which are then funneled out by a tube. Because this process uses lasers, it’s less invasive than traditional liposuction which can leave scarring or bruising. Ultimately, the result of Smart Lipo will leave you without unwanted fat on your body.

Will I Lose Weight?

So if you’re considering Smart Lipo, it’s likely that you’ve struggled with weight issues. You may be looking to receive the procedure so that you can sculpt and tone your body down to the way you want in. In San Diego, it’s not uncommon that women or men want a thinner, more toned body. The result of Smart Lipo will involve unwanted areas of fat removed from your body. This will lead to a bit of weight loss from your body. However, Smart Lipo surgery is not meant cause a dramatic change. So although you will have some weight loss because the procedure removes fat from your body, it will not be an immense amount of weight loss. Smart Lipo is mostly used for sculpting and creating a thinner look, especially for those who have tried exercise and other methods without resolution.

How Smart Lipo Can Help

Even though the procedure itself won’t result in a significant weight loss you may seek, the surgery can still help you lose weight. After recovering from the surgery, we recommend resuming consistent exercise and activity. Along with that, it’s best if San Diego patients maintain a healthy diet as well. This way, you can keep the fat off that was removed in your surgery. Because Smart Lipo helps with problem areas, it should help if you want to continue to lose more weight. After getting rid of excess fat, it may be easier now for you to exercise without having to worry about areas that seemed unaffected by your efforts.

If you’re wondering if Smart Lipo is the right method for you, the best thing you can do is talk to someone. To learn more about weight loss and Smart Lipo, contact Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery at (619) 464-9876.