Many people pursue rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery) to achieve proportion and balance in their facial profile. In some instances, this goal is better achieved by pairing rhinoplasty with a second surgical procedure known as chin augmentation. In fact, rhinoplasty and chin augmentation can often be performed simultaneously, offering patients a number of valuable benefits.

Single Procedure, Double Benefits

When more than one procedure is performed at a time, patients enjoy the benefits of both procedures while only undergoing a single round of anesthesia. Most patients also find that undergoing rhinoplasty and chin augmentation at the same time does not require any additional discomfort and recovery time over having one of these procedures performed. They are able to avoid taking additional time from work and other activities to accommodate a second recovery process.

Achieving Balance

The nose and chin are the two features that work together to balance out the facial profile. If rhinoplasty is performed alone, the results often emphasize a weak chin that appears that much weaker when the nose is corrected. By performing both procedures at the same time, the surgeon can ensure balance in the size and shape of both of these features for the most satisfying results. 

Proven Satisfaction

Speaking of satisfaction, a study has also shown that patients that have rhinoplasty and chin augmentation at the same time tend to be more satisfied with their procedures overall. Researchers at the University of Verona identified 90 plastic surgery patients that had a combination of rhinoplasty and chin surgery performed between 2002 and 2004. They followed up with the test subjects three years after their procedure to determine whether they were satisfied with the results.

Researchers found that subjects that had the combined procedure tended to enjoy stable, long-lasting results from their procedures. These subjects also had greater satisfaction in the relationship between the nose, chin and neck, which are the key features that contribute to the most pleasing facial proportions. Researchers also learned that focusing on just one of those facial features did not prove as successful in creating a sense of balance to the facial proportions.

Money Savings

In addition to saving time on the recovery process, combining rhinoplasty and chin augmentation can save money. While patients still pay for both procedures, they are only charged for one round of anesthesia and one facility use. The savings can add up quickly for patients, making combined procedures the most cost-effective way to achieve their aesthetic goals.

At Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Kaweski performs both rhinoplasty and chin enhancement procedures. She can do these procedures separately or simultaneously, depending on the preferences of each patient.

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