mommymo1At Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery, the Mommy Makeover package is one of the most popular for San Diego patients. Dr. Susan Kaweski is our highly trained plastic surgeon who will take special care and attention to ensure that you get the body you desire. Women choose this procedure because it is permanent, includes multiple procedures at once, and has amazing results.

There are three main procedures that are included in your package at the Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery. If you’re considering a Mommy Makeover, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the process and what you’ll be getting. If you live in San Diego and want to tighten up and firm your skin including both body and face, a Mommy Makeover may be the perfect solution for you. After choosing a Mommy Makeover, these are the three plastics surgeries you will undergo at our practice:

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a surgery performed to tone your stomach area. The surgery is recommended for any San Diego patients that want to rid themselves of flabby skin near their abdomen. Usually, patients have flabby skin around their midsection due to weight loss. To fix this problem, tummy tucks are usually suggested as a solution. The result will end in a thinner waistline and a more slim, sculpted body. The procedure is typically recommended for anyone who desires a flatter, leaner midsection; mothers after pregnancy who need some extra help getting rid of a protruding abdomen; and patients who have stretch marks or flabby skin that don’t go away with routine exercise and dieting.


Liposuction is probably one of the most popular surgeries around nowadays. The procedure is minimally-invasive and is used to get rid of unwanted fat deposits from your body. The surgery is able to target specific areas of unwanted fat that the patient wants to be removed. Liposuction is recommended for San Diego patients that seek to alter any parts of their body including upper arms, breasts, chest, back, waistline, abdomen, hips, thigh, buttocks, neck, jawline and more. If any of these areas of your body are problem areas, liposuction is a great way to remedy that issue. The result is a leaner body contour with an overall more toned look.


The last procedure you’ll receive in San Diego’s Mommy Makeover is a facelift. This surgical procedure is used mostly to hide signs of aging that are visible on your face. A lot of patients may seek out a facelift because it will offer a dramatic change to your face that can last up to ten years or more. The procedure is typically a response to sagging skin, creases below the lower eyeline, facial lines, loss of muscle tone, and more. The result will leave your face looking smoother, tighter, and more youthful.

At Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery, we can offer you all three of these procedures with a Mommy Makeover. To achieve the best results, it’s best to get plastic surgery to treat all of your problem areas.

To learn more about our Mommy Makeover and get one step closer to changing your life, contact Dr. Susan Kaweski’s staff at Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery at (619) 464-9876.