Dimpleplasty, also known as dimple creation, is becoming a much-requested plastic surgery procedure at offices nationwide. This simple procedure creates the appearance of dimples in the lower cheeks while slightly narrowing a round facial profile. Dimpleplasty is now offered by Dr. Susan Kaweski at Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery.

How it Works

A dimpleplasty can be performed on an outpatient basis, using local anesthesia. A small incision is placed inside the cheek and a dissolvable suture is used to anchor the dimple into its proper location. As the suture dissolves, scar tissue forms to hold the dimple in place.

There may be some minor bruising and swelling after a dimpleplasty, which subsides within a few days. Most patients do not require any downtime after the procedure. Results are seen right away, but often look more pronounced immediately following treatment. Over subsequent weeks, the dimple area relaxes somewhat, with more prominence when smiling.

The key to a natural-looking dimpleplasty is the placement of the dimple formation. This can usually be determined by drawing an imaginary line from the corner of the mouth to the bottom of the earlobe and a vertical line from the outer corner of the eye. The location can then be tested in a mirror so the patient can tell if the placement is correct before the procedure is performed.

Reasons for a Dimpleplasty

Dimples have traditionally been considered an attractive feature of a smile for both men and women. Popular dimpled celebrities like Mario Lopez and Jennifer Garner have increased their popularity and the draw for the dimpleplasty. In addition, some cultures believe that dimples are a sign of good fortune, enticing those from that culture to create their own dimpled look.

Finally, a dimpleplasty is a relatively quick, low risk plastic surgery option that costs much less than more invasive surgical procedures. Patients can dramatically alter their appearance in an afternoon without worry over discomfort or an extensive recovery period. The cheek area may feel somewhat tight at first, but this also relaxes over the week or two following the procedure.

Dr. Kaweski offers the dimpleplasty at Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery in San Diego. In addition, Dr. Kaweski provides a full menu of plastic surgery procedures to enhance the appearance of the face, skin and body.

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