Breast Augmentation San DiegoWhen San Diego women visit Dr. Kaweski for an initial breast augmentation consultation at the Aesthetic Art Institute of Plastic Surgery, they tend to ask her a lot of questions. And Dr. Kaweski welcomes that! She wants her potential patients to be as informed about the breast augmentation procedure as possible. One of the questions that Dr. Kaweski gets from women who aren’t yet at their ideal body weight is, “What will happen to my breasts if I lose weight after my breast augmentation surgery?”

There’s No Definitive Answer to Weight Loss and Breast Augmentation Results

In her San Diego area practice, Dr. Kaweski always strives to keep her patients as informed as possible. And that’s why, when it comes to weight loss after breast augmentation surgery, she has to tell her patients that she’s unsure whether or not their surgical results will be affected. The reason – all women gain and lose weight in different areas of their body. While it’s true that there are fat cells in the breasts, some women who lose weight never lose any breast volume. If that’s your situation, then it’s unlikely that weight loss after a breast augmentation will affect your results.

However, if you tend to gain or lose a lot of weight in your breasts when your weight fluctuates, it’s possible that weight loss after a breast augmentation will, in fact, affect your surgical results. These San Diego women often find that after losing a significant amount of weight, their newly augmented breasts sag. This is true whether or not the implants were placed in front of or behind the pectoral muscles.

Let Dr. Kaweski Know if You Are Planning on Losing Weight

Some San Diego women decide to get breast implants as part of an overall effort to better themselves and their appearance. And for these women, future weight loss might be a part of their treatment plan. If you are considering getting a breast augmentation and losing weight in the future, make sure you tell Dr. Kaweski during your initial consultation at Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery. After carefully asking you questions – such as whether or not you lose volume in your breasts when you do lose weight – she’ll be able to better guide you on when the optimal time is for you to have a breast augmentation surgery.

Scheduling a Consultation for a Breast Augmentation

Questions like, “What happens to my breast implant results if I lose a lot of weight?” are the exact reason that Dr. Kaweski spends such a significant amount of time with each of her potential San Diego breast augmentation patients. She wants her patients to be as informed as possible about their surgery and knows that by spending time with them, they may think of additional questions that they hadn’t already planned to ask.

If you’re in San Diego and you’re considering getting breast implants, there’s no better plastic surgeon to perform the procedure than Dr. Kaweski.

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