Facelift San DiegoDr. Kaweski has a great reputation for helping the men and women of San Diego achieve their ideal facial appearance and smooth out the signs of aging by performing facelift surgeries that make patients look good for their age. And it’s one of the main reasons Dr. Kaweski is sought-after by so many potential patients. Her goals with facelift surgery are to provide her patients with the most natural looking results as possible, including doing her absolute best to disguise their facelift scars.

Her ability to disguise facelift scars is well-known and is of the most requested surgical outcomes from her patients in San Diego. Every year, she meets with several men and women who want to reduce the signs of aging on their faces. However, they understandably don’t want any telltale signs that they’ve had work done. Rest assured, when you choose Dr. Kaweski of Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery, she shares that same goal.

Facelift Scar Expectations

During facelift surgeries, Dr. Kaweski makes incisions in the hairline. Doing so allows for scars that will be hidden on the scalp. While facelift incisions are long – they typically start at the temple level and go down and around the ear to the chin level – they are well hidden by the hair. In fact, the facelift incision is so carefully disguised, most patients discover that no one can guess that they’ve had work done!*

Dr. Kaweski’s Emphasis on Natural Looking Results

When it comes to performing facelifts on San Diego patients, Dr. Kaweski’s goal is to provide the most natural-looking results possible. She doesn’t want patients looking “windblown” or “done up.” Instead, she wants every one of her facelift patients to recover from their surgeries with a natural, more youthful-looking appearance that makes them look good for their age. This includes disguising facelift scars, so there are no telltale signs that the surgery has been performed.

The Importance of a Facelift Consultation with Dr. Kaweski

If you’re a man or woman who lives in or around San Diego that’s interested in a facelift, and you want to be sure that all scars will be well-hidden, we can’t stress enough how important it is to visit one-on-one with Dr. Kaweski for a consultation. It’s during this initial appointment that Dr. Kaweski will examine your face, interview you, so she understands your surgical goals, and can provide you with a list of realistic expectations. If one of your primary goals is to have hidden scars, Dr. Kaweski will explain during your consultation how and where she’ll make incisions to realistically set your expectations and most often, put your fears and anxieties at ease.*

When you’re ready, we strongly encourage you to schedule an initial consultation at Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery so you can meet with Dr. Kaweski herself. Our staff finds that many patients, who at first might be a little nervous about what their final results may look like, are often calmed and confident after meeting with Dr. Kaweski, and come away from this appointment well-informed about the surgery and their expected results.

Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Kaweski is easy. Just call our office today at (619) 464-9876.

*Individual results may vary