Have you been trying every fad diet in San Diego, hitting the gym daily and still have stubborn fat deposits that won’t go away? Are you within 30 pounds of your goal weight, but just can’t seem to shake off those extra pounds? If you’ve been trying to lose fat naturally, but can’t, you may be at the point at which you are considering plastic surgery as an option. And Smart Lipo, a new liposuction technique that is powered by laser technology, may just be the solution you’ve been looking for!

What is Smart Lipo?

Smart Lipo is an exciting new liposuction treatment offered by San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Kaweski of Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery. Unlike traditional liposuction, which uses a relatively larger cannula, or tube, to suck out fat and thus relatively larger incisions, San Diego patients are thrilled to learn that Smart Lipo is a less invasive procedure. With Smart Lipo, a smaller incision is made and a smaller cannula inserted with a laser – which liquefies your fat!

How Does Smart Lipo Tighten Skin?

Because Smart Lipo relies on laser technology, it gently heats up your skin. This gentle heating encourages your body to produce collagen, its natural rejuvenation processes. The result is that Smart Lipo, unlike, traditional liposuction, can remove fat and tighten up skin, thus reducing the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, which are otherwise difficult to treat. The fact that Smart Lipo can reduce stretch marks and cellulite is often a tremendous relief to San Diego women, especially those who have experienced stretch marks in problem areas as a result of pregnancy.

What Are the Other Benefits of Smart Lipo?

In addition to tightening up the skin around the areas it treats, Smart Lipo offers several other benefits, too, including:

  • Light sedation is only necessary.
  • You generally won’t bleed after your San Diego Smart Lipo session, because the laser used in Smart Lipo seals blood vessels, preventing bleeding; and
  • Because Smart Lipo is a less invasive procedure, there is minimal swelling, bruising, and downtime. Many San Diego residents who undergo Smart Lipo find they can go back to work the very next day!

How Can I Learn More About Smart Lipo?

San Diego residents who have more questions about Smart Lipo deserve to get the answers they seek. The best thing you can do if you want to get rid of stubborn fat, but still have questions about the procedure is to call Dr. Kaweski’s offices at (619) 464-9876 to schedule a free consultation. During your initial visit with Dr. Kaweski at San Diego’s Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery, she will review your problem areas with you, and discuss how Smart Lipo can treat them. She will explain the procedure to you in full detail until you have all your questions answered. Don’t delay. Schedule your appointment today to get a more contoured version of yourself.