Cheek surgery has become a popular option for enhancing the facial profile and creating a more youthful, vibrant image. The midface is an area where the aging process can take its toll, with loss of volume leading to a sunken look and the formation of creases. Cheek surgery can reverse this trend and provide a number of additional benefits as well. If you are considering cheek enhancement surgery, the staff at Aesthetic Arts Institute has a few facts you need to know.

Changes the Contour of the Cheek

Whether you are using implants to add volume or surgery to reduce excessive protrusion of the cheekbone, cheek surgery effectively changes the contour of the midface. This procedure can restore youthful volume or adjust the size of the cheeks to bring the entire facial profile into proportion. In some cases, chin surgery may be performed with cheek surgery to bring beautiful balance and proportion to the entire face.

Restores a Youthful Profile

Collagen and elastin are two substances produced by the body to provide support to the underlying skin structure and give skin its soft, supple appearance. As we age, our bodies produce less of these substances, leading to loss of volume, loose skin and the appearance of cheek hollowing. Cheek surgery, usually using implants, can reverse that look and restore youthful volume and vitality to the midface.

Little Visible Scarring

Some people shy away from facial surgery like cheek enhancement because they worry about the visible scarring that might be left behind. However, the incisions used for this procedure are typically located inside the mouth, along the hairline or in the natural crease of the lower eyelid to minimize post-operative scarring.

Can be Performed on Both Men and Women

Women are not the only ones to benefit from cheek surgery. Some men also find that correcting the contour of the cheek provides balance and symmetry previously lacking in the facial profile. Because men are looking for different results from cheek surgery, it is important to choose a plastic surgeon experienced in performing this procedure on male patients.

Offers Immediate, Long-Lasting Results

The results of cheek surgery can be seen once the healing process is well underway. Most patients find post-operative swelling subsides sufficiently within a few days, allowing them to see their full results. Those results will also be long-lasting, with most patients enjoying their new facial profile for many, many years.

Cheek surgery is an effective way to improve your facial profile and achieve a more youthful appearance. To learn more about this procedure, schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Kaweski by calling Aesthetic Arts Institute at (619) 464-9876.