San Diego women who are considering plastic surgery have several important decisions to make? What procedures should they have? When should they have the procedures? And which doctor should they choose? While some women are comfortable seeing either a male or female plastic surgeon, there are certain women who only feel comfortable sharing their problem areas, bodies and goals for surgery with a fellow woman. If you typically prefer to have female doctors, read on for 5 reasons why you should choose a female plastic surgeon over a male plastic surgeon.

1.    Statistics Shows that Female Plastic Surgeons Spend More Time in Consultation with their Patients.

When it comes to plastic surgery, your initial consultation is of the utmost importance. It’s during this visit that you get to meet your San Diego plastic surgeon, ask questions about her background and experience, show her your problem areas, discuss your goals for surgery and get a full explanation of the recommended procedure(s) in your customized treatment plan. Studies show, that when it comes to comparing male and female plastic surgeons, that female plastic surgeons actually spend more time in consultation with their patients. So if developing a relationship and strong rapport with your plastic surgeon is important to you, you may want to choose a female plastic surgeon like Dr. Kaweski of Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery.

2.    A Female Plastic Surgeon May Be Better Able to Understand and Interpret Your Goals for Surgery.

Sometimes, women just “get” each other. And it may make it easier for you to explain your goals for surgery, and for your plastic surgeon to understand if you are working with a female plastic surgeon versus a male plastic surgeon. For example, when it comes to describing how you would like your sagging breasts to appear after a breast lift and augmentation, a female plastic surgeon with breasts of her own may be better able to interpret your goals and understand how your sagging breasts contribute to a lack of confidence in your body.

3.    A Female Plastic Surgeon May Share the Same Body Concerns As You.

Let’s face it. All women feel self-conscious about their bodies at one point or another in their lives. If you’re working with a San Diego female plastic surgeon, you may find that she shares the same concerns about her own body as you do about yours. This can make it easier to relate to her, and easier to discuss the types of results that you are hoping to achieve.

4.    A Female Plastic Surgeon is Going Through the Same Aging Process As You.

Male plastic surgeons can be great at understanding the female aging process, but they’re never going to go through the same aging phases as San Diego women. A female plastic surgeon is going through the same aging process, with gravity pulling down areas that used to be tighter, fine lines and wrinkles appearing in the same telltale places, and stretch marks and sagging skin from pregnancy. When your San Diego female plastic surgeon, like Dr. Kaweski, is experiencing the same thing you are, it can make it easier to relate to her.

5.    You May Feel More Comfortable Showing Your Problem Areas to a Fellow Female.

Some women are just always more comfortable around female doctors of all disciplines, especially general physicians, and gynecologists. If you’re looking at a procedure that will require you to disrobe to show off your problem area, you might be embarrassed to do so in front of a male doctor. A female plastic surgeon, with the same anatomy as you, may feel like a closer, more comfortable ally to with whom to share these problem areas.

How Can I Find a San Diego Female Plastic Surgeon?

There’s no better female San Diego plastic surgeon to choose than Dr. Kaweski of Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Kaweski, also recognized as Dr. Mommy Makeover®, is a board-certified female plastic surgeon with years of experience helping San Diego women achieve the plastic surgery results they desire, gaining a more confident version of themselves. If you’re ready to meet Dr. Kaweski to discuss your concerns with her, schedule a consultation today by calling (619) 464-9876.