Breast Reduction San Diego Bigger isn’t always better. This is the case for many women who live in San Diego with large natural breasts who seek Dr. Kaweski’s assistance every year for a breast reduction procedure. Desiring more comfort and an aesthetic appearance these women are happier to choose breast reduction surgery for a variety of reasons. Below is a discussion of 5 disadvantages of having large natural breasts, to help you decide if breast reduction is right for you.

1. Gravity Is Not Your Friend

If you have large natural breasts, then gravity is definitely not your friend. The larger your breasts are, the heavier they are and the more prone they are to sagging. Many women choose Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery for a breast reduction procedure, sometimes in conjunction with a breast lift, so that their breasts don’t sag to an undesirable level.

2. Large Breasts Are Known to Cause Neck and Back Pain

While some women with small breasts want a breast augmentation to have larger breasts, others who have naturally large breasts often desire a breast reduction procedure to alleviate the pain they experience as a result of their large breast size. Women who have uncomfortably large breasts often experience neck and back pain that can’t be reduced through physical therapy or pain medication. Often, the remedy for women is to turn to Dr. Kaweski to reduce the size of their breasts so that they can lighten up, and alleviate the pain.

3. Many Women with Large Natural Breasts Experience Deep Bra Strap Indentations on Their Shoulders

The larger and heavier your breasts, the more pressure they put on your bra shoulder straps. Many women living in San Diego turn to Dr. Kaweski specifically because their large breasts are causing deep and painful bra strap indentations on their shoulders. Through breast reduction surgery, the volume and weight of your breasts can be reduced, thus eliminating the stress on your bra shoulder straps.

4. Large Asymmetrical Breasts Can Be More Noticeable

All women are born with some degree of breast asymmetry. If your breasts are large, though, this size difference can become increasingly more noticeable through clothing and bathing suits. To obtain a more balanced silhouette, many of these women choose a breast reduction procedure with Dr. Kaweski. 

5. Women in San Diego with Large Breasts Often Experience Chafing and Rashes in the Breast Crease

Another disadvantage of having large natural breasts is that they trap moisture causing chafing and rashes in the breast crease. This is a very uncomfortable, painful experience for women in San Diego. To stop the chafing and rashes from occurring, many women who experience this side effect of large breasts choose breast reduction.

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If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, or another problem you believe is related to the large size of your breasts, reach out to our practice to learn more about your options.

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