While wrinkles are a common concern as we age, another problem tends to arise as well. Aging skin loses its elasticity, resulting in skin sagging and an aged facial profile. The good news is there are treatments to address drooping skin that will smooth away some of those wrinkles at the same time. At Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery, we offer a variety of procedures to help restore your youthful facial contour, from non-surgical options to plastic surgery techniques that promise long-lasting results.

Injectable Treatments

Injectable treatments do more than reduce the appearance of facial creases; they can also restore youthful volume that is often lost in areas like the cheeks and jawline. When those areas are filled out once again, loose skin in the area becomes firmer as well. The result can be a younger look that lasts up to many months for some patients. Injectable treatments take just a few minutes to complete and there is no downtime after the procedure.

Autologous Fat Transfer

If you like the look of your dermal filler, but don’t like the idea of repeat procedures to maintain your results, autologous fat transfer is the next logical step. This two-step procedure begins with the removal of excess fat deposits from one area of the body via liposuction. Once the fat cells are removed, they are prepared for injection into strategic areas of the face, much like dermal fillers are used. Fat transfer offers the double benefit of body sculpting and facial enhancement, with long-lasting results. Since fat removal is done via liposuction, there is a recovery period after this procedure that usually lasts a few days to one week.


When the symptoms of aging become too severe for injectable treatments, a surgical solution may be the better choice. Facelift procedures have come a long way since their early years, with customizable techniques that offer natural and beautiful results. At Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Kaweski offers two different facelift procedures that provide exactly the amount of lift you need – no more, no less. She will listen to your concerns and aesthetic goals to help you choose the procedure that will meet your needs best.

If the face you see in the mirror is not the face that matches your inner youth and vitality, solutions are available. With a variety of procedures to choose from, you can lift and smooth the facial profile to achieve a more youthful appearance overall.

To learn more about your anti-aging options, contact Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery at (619) 464-9876 to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Kaweski.