femalesurgeon1When getting plastic surgery in San Diego, it’s always important to do a little research on your surgeon’s background and experience. It’s imperative that you know you will be in the hands of someone who is skilled, qualified, and intelligent. However, some San Diego patients may wonder if gender is a factor that should be considered. Are male or female plastic surgeons preferred when it comes to having plastic surgery? The truth is, it comes down to your personal preference when choosing to have a procedure done. Whoever you choose should make you feel the most comfortable and safe when having plastic surgery. At Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Susan Kaweski is chosen by several San Diego residents who seek plastic surgery procedures. This is because even though there are other factors to consider as well, there are many advantages to choosing a female plastic surgeon.

Knowing Female Anatomy for Female Patients

For women in San Diego who want plastic surgery, it’s comforting to have a female plastic surgeon. Surgeons like Dr. Susan Kaweski can make you feel at ease because they know the female body. They can interpret what you’re feeling about your body and your appearance and understand it from a woman’s point of view. Male surgeons are qualified, but they will never quite be able to understand what it’s like to need a breast augmentation or breast lift surgery. A female plastic surgeon can identify more closely with how women’s bodies develop over time. Ultimately, if it’s easier for you to talk to woman-to-woman about your problem areas, it might be best to pick a female surgeon.

Sensitivity and Compassion

It’s plausible to think that female plastic surgeons may have a bit more compassion when it comes to body insecurities. The pressure that society puts on women about their bodies is intense and a lot more extreme than a man may feel. Although men may face some societal pressure, women are continually exposed in magazines, television, movies, and more. Because of this reason, it’s likely that a female surgeon can relate more so to the need to change one’s outer appearance. Dr. Susan Kaweski understands the issues that women face every day and the desires to have cosmetic surgery done. By choosing a female plastic surgeon, you can rest assured that your sensitive issues will be handled and talked through with great care and empathy.

Open Communication

At Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery, we want to make sure we understand your needs as best as possible. Choosing a female plastic surgeon can ensure that because females are commonly known for being better communicators than men. Sometimes men have a hard time opening up and saying things in a way that only a woman can. Although it’s arguable that it’s not always the case, women tend to be more vocal and open to communication than men are. When you are talking with your physician, you want to feel comfortable enough to talk everything through, ask your questions, and voice any concerns. Due to natural communication skills, having a female plastic surgeon will help put you at ease.

If you are considering plastic surgery in San Diego and would like to talk to a female physician, contact the Aesthetic Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery at (619) 464-9876. Dr. Susan Kaweski can help answer any questions and guide you through any procedures you’ve been considering.